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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Product Usage

    Thermie is an excellent device that can assist in relieving several types of pain!

    We've tried and tested Thermie to be effective in relieving the following (but not necessarily limited to):

    • Period pain and cramps associated with periods and endometriosis
    • Cramps and pains related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
    • Back pain and cramps
    • Muscle pain and cramps

    Thermie provides a powerful dual mechanism that relieves pain so effectively by targeting it at the source. 

    1) It sends powerful vibrations to the source of your pain, increasing blood flow and relieving pain-like symptoms. Thermie's powerful vibrations also act as a powerful muscle relaxant.

    2) It provides safe and effective infrared heat to relieve pain symptoms.

    This combination of heat and vibration makes Thermie the most powerful pain relief product on the market.

    Using your Thermie is simple. First, make sure that your Thermie is fully charged.

    To use vibration:

    1) Double tap the power button. This will activate the vibrations. 

    2) If required, change the vibration setting by touching the power button.

    To use heat:

    1) Double tap the temperature button. This will activate the infrared heating mechanism.

    2) If required, adjust the heat by touching the temperature button.

    Both vibration and heat settings can be used simultaneously and individually.

    Now you're free to live about your daily life with added pain relief!

    When finished using Thermie, simply hold the power/temperature button to turn each one off. The lights will power down when your Thermie is turned off.

    Size: 18×8.5×1.2cm

    Weight: 73g

    Power input: 5W

    Power supply: Lithium battery (inbuilt)

    Material: ABS (outer), velvet (inner)

    Charge time: Approx. 2 hours

    Battery life: Up to 6 hours depending on setting used 


    - Do not use if you are pregnant, have recently had surgery, have any form of cervical tumour or gout, have any skin impairment, eczema, heart disease or cardiovascular disease.

    - If you experience any form of contact dermatitis, sensitivity or allergic reaction to your Thermie, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional. 

    - Do not use if you have previously had any form of negative reaction to a heat pack, hot water bottle or heat patch.

    - Do not sleep while wearing your Thermie and ensure that you take regular breaks in between usage.

    - Do not lay on top of your Thermie or apply unnecessary pressure to it. 

    - Do not expose your Thermie to any other source of heat, flame or corrosives.

    We understand that it may be tempting to use your Thermie all of the time, we recommend taking regular usage breaks. We also recommend wearing your Thermie over at least one item of clothing to prevent overheating.

    Do not use Thermie while going to sleep.

    As Thermie is not a medicated product, in most circumstances, you won't have to consult your GP before using it.

    However, you may wish to consult your GP if you have experienced any of the following:

    - Recent surgery

    - Sensitive skin, past skin conditions or allergic reactions

    If you use Thermie and experience any form of adverse reaction (such as itchiness, rash, hives), or any typical display of allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and consult your GP.

    Allergy information: Thermie has a velvet material on the underside of the product. If you have experienced sensitivity to this in the past, do not use Thermie.

    Battery information: Thermie's battery is made of lithium and will react negatively if over exposed to heat, any source of flame, corrosive material or water. If any of these interactions occur and cause a negative effect, discontinue usage and consult your GP immediately.


    We totally understand that mistakes can happen. If you need to change your order in any way, please email us at in the same business day. We may be able to adjust your order.

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