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    Thermie Period Relief Device

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    The game changer for discomfort.
    Tired of endlessly suffering from period cramps, every month, forever?
    Thermie uses a powerful combination of heat and massaging vibrations to instantly soothe discomfort from periods and aching bellies or backs. She's the love child of the heat pack you ever so love, combined with a massage and long-lasting battery. Feeling Thermie is like feeling a warm, relaxing hug - right where you need it.
    Thermie was created so life can be enjoyed, even in uncomfortable situations. It can be taken anywhere and goes completely unnoticed underneath clothing. Her soft velvet underside is so comfortable to wear that you'll forget it's there.

    how to use thermie period pain relief device

    With Thermie, you have access to instant and natural relief, without the hassles of pricey subscriptions, constant re-heating or annoying cords. Make sure she's charged, put her on and you will have hours of pain relief, on the go. 
    Thermie's amazing pain-soothing combination can be used together or separately, depending on your preference. The heat function is completely silent, and you'll hear the buzz of the massage function to know its doing the trick. 
    Having Thermie out and about means period pain should no longer prevent anyone from living life to the fullest.  



    ➕ Targets & blocks pain right at the source, instantly
    ➕ Instant and effective pain relief
    ➕ Can be taken anywhere
    ➕ Lasts up to five hours
    ➕ Three heat settings, ranging up to 65 °C & 149°F
    ➕ Three vibration settings
    ➕ Super slim and lightweight
    ➕ Completely adjustable sizing (up to 57 inches)
    ➕ 100% money-back guarantee